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2009-12-22 14:49:53 by darkdemonboy

i like waffles. do you?


2009-06-03 03:04:10 by darkdemonboy

omg nyaah, exams are coming.... wrote this during my informatics-exam (is that a word??)

anyway for those about to study for their exams: good luck.... for those about to not-study for their exams: follow me my brethren :-o :-)

yup yup

2008-12-22 19:32:54 by darkdemonboy

did I mention I like wolves??

yup yup


2008-11-17 06:53:59 by darkdemonboy

hi every one, i don't have flash creator (yet) so i can't make anything (yet) but i'm looking to buy as soon as i have enough money.... gonna take me a while....